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English offers a wide range of courses and structures its academic programs historically, geographically, and theoretically. Whether an individual course provides knowledge of an author, a genre, or an entire period, its aim is to deepen a student's awareness and appreciation of the distinguished tradition of literature in English.



  • English (specialist, major and minor options)
  • Asian Literatures and Cultures (offered jointly with the National University of Singapore) (minor)


First-Year Courses

  • ENG 100H1 - Effective Writing
  • ENG 110Y1 - Narrative
  • ENG 140Y1 - Literature for our Time
  • ENG 150Y1 – The Literary Tradition


Advice for First Year

The Department of English offers several first-year literature courses as different ways of introducing you to the study of English. ENG 100H1 does not meet the needs of students primarily seeking to develop English language proficiency and cannot be used in the fulfillment of any English program. Only one first-year course counts toward any program in English; however, a first-year course is not required. Second-year English courses may be taken concurrently with ENG 110Y1/140Y1/150Y1.


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