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Creative Expression and Society

The Creative Expression and Society program allows students to develop creative and communicative proficiency by taking part in one or more workshop-style courses in fiction, non-fiction, or poetry writing and/or creative expression through aural and visual media. Students will also explore the reciprocal relationship of the creative arts and society by studying social issues in the arts, the influence of writers and artists on society, and the impact of society and the marketplace on creative endeavour. Courses explore such topics as the arts and public opinion; reception and interpretation; marketing and reviewing; censorship and criticism; ethics and accountability. This program fosters the exercise of creativity while making the relationship of creative expression and social conditions a subject for reflection and dialogue.



  • Creative Expression and Society (minor)


First-Year Courses

The Creative Expression and Society minor does not offer any courses at the first-year level


Advice for First Year Students

Students are recommended to take a first year course in English, Cinema Studies, Fine Art History or Indigenous Studies  to provide maximum flexibility in course selection in higher years.


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