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Computer Science Programs

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto is among the best in the world, consistently ranking #1 in Canada and #11 globally in the Shanghai World University Rankings and #16 globally in the QS World University Rankings. Our faculty are world leaders.

The application of computers has profoundly affected almost every area of modern life, including science, engineering, business and entertainment. Computer science concerns not only the development of techniques for solving problems in these areas, but also the study of fundamental concepts about computation itself.



  • Computer Science (specialist, major and minor options)



Focuses are part of the Specialist program, but are optional.


First-Year Courses

  • CSC 108H1 - Introduction to Computer Programming*
  • CSC 148H1 - Introduction to Computer Science*
  • CSC 165H - Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science*
  • CSC 240H1 - Enriched Introduction to the Theory of Computation*

* Strict exclusions in place.  For advice about appropriate course combination, please read the advice for  choosing your first year courses info and/or contact the Computer Science Undergraduate Office


For Non-Computer Science Students:

  • CSC 104H1 - The Why and How of Computing
  • CSC 120H1 - Computer Science for the Sciences
  • CSC 200Y1 - Economic and Social Networks: Models and Applications


Advice for First Year

  • To help decide which first year computer science courses to choose, visit the Department of Computer Sciences Choosing Your First Year Courses page for advice.
  • Students must also take calculus: MAT135H1 and MAT136H1 or MAT137Y1 or MAT157Y1


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