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The Department of Classics offers programs studying the world of ancient Greece and Rome. Courses and programs in Classical Civilization do not require the study of Latin and Greek; the programs in Classics, Greek and Latin do. Study of both languages can be started at university.



  • Classical Civilization (major and minor)
  • Classics (Greek and Latin) (major)
  • Greek (major and minor)
  • Latin (major and minor)


First-Year Courses

  • CLA 160H1 - Introduction to Classical Studies
  • GRK 101H1 - Introductory Ancient Greek I
  • GRK 102H1 - Introductory Ancient Greek II
  • LAT 101H1 - Introductory Latin I
  • LAT 102H1 - Introductory Latin II


Advice for First Year

CLA 160H1 is required in all programs. GRK and/or LAT 101H1 and 102H1 are required for Classics, Greek and Latin programs.
Students planning graduate study (MA or PhD) in classical literature, ancient  history, or Greek and Roman archaeology should begin the study of the languages as soon as possible; if not in year 1, then in their second year.
Enrolment in the programs in Classical Civilization requires the completion of two half-courses in the Classics department. Besides CLA 160H1, students should enrol in their first year in at least one second-year Classical Civilization half-course, none of which have any prerequisites.


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