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Biology is the scientific study of life. At no time in history has biology been more visible and important to human life and the future of our planet. Today the biological sciences are experiencing a revolution. Within the Faculty of Arts & Science there is no single biology department. Biology courses are taught by members of the departments of Cell and Systems Biology and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Students who wish to focus on either plant and microbial biology or animal biology can take courses within the Biology programs that concentrate in these subject areas. The diverse course offerings within the Biology programs allow students to customize their educational experience to match their personal interests.



  • Biology (specialist, major and minor options)
  • Genome Biology (major)


First-Year Courses

  • Students who are interested in biology must take BIO 120H1 – Adaptation and Biodiversity and BIO 130H1 – Molecular and Cell Biology.
  • The Biology specialist and Genome Biology major programs also require introductory math (MAT 135H1 and 136H1 – Calculus I  and II, or JMB 170Y1 – Biology, Models and Mathematics) and introductory chemistry (CHM 135H1 - Chemistry: Physical Principles and CHM 136H1 - Introductory Organic Chemistry).
  • The Biology major program requires introductory chemistry. The Biology minor requires only BIO120H1 and BIO130H1 in first year.


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