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Anthropology examines human biological, social, and cultural development. There are three areas of research: archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, and social and cultural anthropology. Archaeology studies surviving evidence of people's activities in the past. Evolutionary anthropology is the study of the biological diversity of humans, the history of this diversity, and the biological relationships between humans and non-human primates. Social and cultural anthropology examines the question of how we humans organize our lives together, and why we do so in such vastly different ways.



  • Anthropology: General (major and minor options)
  • Anthropology: Evolutionary (major)
  • Anthropology: Society, Culture and Language (specialist and major options)


First-Year Courses

  • ANT 100Y1 – Introduction to Anthropology


Advice for First Year

  • Anthropology (General): students should take ANT 100Y1 and the appropriate introductory second-year courses in first or second year.
  • Anthropology (Evolutionary) major: students should take BIO120H1, ANT100Y1 or BIO 220H1 (If BIO 220H1 is taken, students must take an additional 0.5 FCE in ANT). ANT 203Y1 could be taken in either first or second year.
  • Anthropology (Society, Culture and Language) specialist: students should take ANT 204H1 – Anthropology in the Contemporary World and ANT 207H1 Core Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Anthropology (Society, Culture and Language) major: ;students should take ANT 207H1 – Core Concepts in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

Note that ANT 203Y1, ANT 204H1, and ANT 253H1 - Language and Society are introductory courses offered at the second-year level, and one or more could be taken in first year.


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