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First Year Seminars

Learning in a top research university means becoming involved in academic life by exchanging points of view and tackling controversial topics.  The Faculty of Arts & Science first-year seminars enable new students to engage in academically rigorous discussions and develop strong written, oral, and teamwork skills in the process.  Small classes help ensure that all students are active participants in discussions.

The seminars are regular degree courses running either the full academic year from September to April (full-credit) or from September to December or January to April (half-credit), taught by some of the Faculty's leading scholars - many of the best researchers and teachers at U of T.

The program features 100 first-year seminars, capped at 24 students each.  Each course focuses on issues, questions and controversies surrounding a particular topic or theme.  They are restricted to students newly admitted to university, and you may only enrol in one.  They provide an excellent way of satisfying the breadth requirement (see the Calendar), but you need not be limited in your selection by that.