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Course Selection

There's an incredible choice of courses and programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science and that choice can seem overwhelming!  This section will help you figure out where to start.  And of course your college registrar's office is there is help if you have any questions!

Planning and Completing your Course Selection

  1. Start planning by using the Program Information, the Calendar,  the U of T Course Finder and Course Timetables.  
  2. Make a preliminary list of courses and draft timetable.
  3. If possible, attend an advising session hosted by your college registrar's office.  Contact your registrar's office if you are not able to attend and have questions about course selection.
  4. On July 20, 2018 log on to ACORN to find out your course enrolment start time.
  5. Make a list for easy reference when you go online to enrol in your courses.  For each course include the correct course code (e.g. MAT135Y), section code (F,Y or S), and meeting section(s) (e.g. L0101 (lecture), T0201 (Tutorial), P0301 (practical/lab)).
  6. Have some back up courses planned in case any of your first choices are unavailable.
  7. Enrol in courses on ACORN on July 26, 2018.  Be sure to begin enrolling in courses as soon as your window opens!
  8. Pay the minimum installment or defer your fees by August 29, 2018 or else you will be removed from your courses.

Remember:  Registration means that you have enrolled in courses AND paid the minimum installment of your fees (or officially deferred them).