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April 1, 2011 — A&S Outstanding Achievement Award Winners

The annual Outstanding Teaching Awards  recognize the continuing excellence of faculty members during the past three years in both undergraduate teaching and other contributions to undergraduate education. The following criteria are considered during the evaluation process: excellence in communication skills; mastery of subject area; ability to stimulate critical and analytical thinking in students; ability to engender enthusiasm in students; innovations and creativity in teaching methods, course design, and curriculum development.

Congratulations to the following faculty members: 

The annual Outstanding Staff Awards celebrate the contributions of exceptional staff members occupying different roles whose work helps fulfill the mission of the Faculty.

The Dean’s Student Life Award recognizes an administrative staff member who has improved the quality of the student experience in the Faculty of Arts and Science.  Eileen Lam, of the Asian Institute, is the 2011 award winner.

The Dean’s Outstanding Technical Service Award recognizes innovative solutions to problems, improvements in efficiency, cost-savings in labs and computer areas that translate into direct improvements in teaching or research. Congratulations to George Kretschmann of geology.

The Dean’s Outstanding Administrative Service Award recognizes someone who has earned the respect of their administrative colleagues and whose outstanding contributions to administrative service have made a positive impact on teaching, research, or general administration. This award recognizes, for example, improvements in morale, efficiency, cost-savings and client service.  Angela Choi, from astronomy and astrophysics and the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics is the 2011 winner.

This year, the  Faculty has awarded two Dean’s Distinguished Service Awards. This distinction is reserved for an outstanding staff member who has served within Arts and Science for at least five years.  Maria Gomes, a divisional financial office in the Faculty's finance office and Rosinda Raposo from the department of Spanish & Portuguese, have each been singled out for a spirit of generosity, community, and dedication to the work, clients and members of her unit.

This year's awards will be presented on Thursday, April 28 at Hart House.