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January 14, 2013 — Meet the A&S Student Ambassadors

by Jessica Lewis — Thursday, Jan 17, 2013

These current students are a personal connection for students interested in attending U of T

January 14, 2013 — Meet the A&S Student Ambassadors

Photo by Diana Tyszko.

By Jessica Lewis

From advice on what kinds of classes to take to an estimate on how long it takes to walk across campus, it's the personal and honest information from actual Arts & Science students that really gives prospective students a sense of what it is like to study at the University of Toronto. That's why the Office of Student Recruitment in the Faculty of Arts & Science created the Student Ambassadors program.

The stories and experiences that the ambassadors share at recruitment events and online chats compliment official admissions information online and in viewbooks. The Faculty of Arts & Science has 17 student ambassadors. They are selected from different departments of study across the Faculty and each of the colleges, so it's likely that there will always be someone who can answer a question, give advice or help someone find their way around campus. Some Student Ambassadors aren't from Toronto, so their opinion on how to start fresh somewhere else is extremely valuable to students like them.

"Most students are international or from another city, just like me," says Student Ambassador Zain Datoo, a fourth-year year studying economics and computer science. "I help them understand the move and the difference between what studies were like back home and how it is here."

The Student Ambassadors are also seen as a sense of comfort; they share how they’ve managed their academic work loads, made friends and overcome challenges.

"University life is generally a large departure from high school and living at home, and it can present certain challenges," says Anjela Deyanska, an ambassador in her fourth-year studying international relations. "It can be a confusing time and part of my job is to ease this transition. It's been a great experience meeting many bright and excited prospective students and sharing with them some of the most valuable information I've learned. In a way it helps me reflect upon my experiences at U of T and realize what a truly great place this has been for me."

The program has also helped the Faculty stay on top of what prospective students are looking for and how current students can help.

"Our ambassadors are an outstanding group of motivated and exceptional Arts and Science students who provide invaluable insight," says recruitment assistant Vannessa Sears, who coordinates the ambassadors program. "They're a wonderful part of the Faculty."