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June 30, 2011 — AWARDS RECAP: June 2011

by Sean Bettam — Thursday, Jun 30, 2011

A summary of awards and honours recently received by faculty, students and staff across the Faculty of Arts & Science

June 30, 2011


Mark Lautens of Chemistry is the recipient of the 2011 Pedler Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the largest organization in Europe for advancing the chemical sciences. The award recognizes contributions to any area of organic chemistry from a researcher under the age of 55.


U of T

Alan Borodin of Computer Science and Lynne Viola of History have been honoured by the University of Toronto with the prestigious designation of ‘University Professor’. The honour, reserved for less than two per cent of the institution’s faculty, is intended to acknowledge extraordinary research contributions by a faculty member. Borodin’s central area of interest is computational complexity and algorithm design. He has often been at the forefront of developing new models and problem formulations that have become standard frameworks for computer science studies. Viola’s main interest lies in historiography and archival research. She is one of less than a handful of scholars who work on the Soviet peasantry. She was also a major participant in the 1980s debate on the issue of the social base of Stalinism, and led the 1990s discussion on the nature of resistance under Stalin.