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External Faculty Review 2018-2019

The University of Toronto commissions external reviews of Faculties as part of its regular cycle of quality assurance. As part of the review process, the Provost will appoint a team of external reviewers from peer institutions to undertake an assessment of the Faculty of Arts and Science. Core components of the process are the preparation of an Arts & Science self-study, and a site visit by the external reviewers in Fall 2018. The final report of the reviewers, and the responses of the Dean and Provost to the reviewers’ report, are presented to University governance and are made broadly available to faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners.

Through a consultative and broad-based process begun in 2017 and continuing through 2018, we will reflect upon our collective achievements and evaluate the Faculty’s academic and administrative performance. As a result of this process, we will produce our self-study, which is the primary reference document for the review. The self-study will address the terms of reference for the review and document the Faculty’s progress in achieving its academic mission for the past five years, 2013-2018.

During their site visit in Fall 2018, the reviewers will meet with students, faculty and staff, academic administrators within the Faculty as well as senior University administrators and cognate deans. Following the site visit, the reviewers will provide their report in relation to Arts & Science undergraduate and graduate education, research, planning, organization and resources, our relationships with other University units, and our societal impact. The reviewers’ report will highlight our strengths and challenges as well as recommend opportunities where we might further improve our Faculty.

The reviewers’ report will be circulated to the Arts & Science community. The Faculty’s senior leadership will then embark upon consultations with key stakeholders to discuss the reviewers’ report and its recommendations and draft an administrative response. The reviewers’ report, along with the administrative response, will then be presented to University governance, likely in Spring 2019.
To send comments or questions regarding the review, please email review.artsci@utoronto.ca.

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