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Current Graduate Students

    Listed below are Faculty of Arts & Science programs that provide funding for graduate students to undertake international projects and activities.:

    • The Dean’s Fund for International and Indigenous Initiatives (DFIII) supports the development of new and creative international and Indigenous Initiatives activities in areas of need not already addressed by existing programming.
    • This Study Elsewhere of Less Commonly Taught Languages for Research Purposes (SELECT Languages) fund enables graduate students needing, for the purposes of their research, a good working knowledge of a language not regularly taught at U of T to study that language at another institution. The funds to individual graduate students are awarded by a competitive process overseen by the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Languages.
      • The Faculty of Arts & Science administers a number of awards that are open to graduate students.  These awards provide funding for research and other international-related activities. These awards are funded on a competitive basis, overseen by the Dean's Office.