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Coursework Opportunities

A number of opportunities allow students to earn course credit for international experiences:


♣    Research Excursions

 (398H/399Y courses) offer both local and international opportunities for students to work on research with individual faculty members. Third-year undergraduate students can join up with a small team of students to work on a faculty member’s off-campus research project. Students have taken part in archeological research in rural South Africa, studied language change in Italy, examined ant behavior in Peru, used ground-probing radar to identify geological formations in Greece, and measured optics using a synchrotron in France.


♣    International Course Modules

 (ICMs) provide a short, intensive international experience embedded in an existing course.  Take advantage of courses that incorporate an intensive international module or propose a module for one of your own courses. Offered over Reading Week, ICMs can be ideal for students who cannot be abroad for an extended period of time. Students have explored unique geological phenomena in New Zealand, unpacked the history of extraordinary women in Uganda, and done field research on the social impact of agriculture in Indonesia.


♣    Joint Minor Programs

with National University of Singapore (NUS) allow you to complement your degree with a specialized minor in nanoscience, environmental biology, Asian geography, or Asian literatures and culture. These minors are available exclusively at NUS — a highly regarded university where courses are taught in English. Both the credit and grade from your term at NUS will be posted to your transcript. Take core courses in Toronto, then spend the fall semester of your 2nd, 3rd or 4th year at NUS.


♣    The University of Toronto Summer Abroad 

program offers full-credit Arts & Science courses that integrate the location into the academic content of the course. Small classes of students are taught by a U of T faculty member and field trips supplement classroom learning. You could study ecology and conservation in Ecuador, criminal law in England or Chinese cinema in Hong Kong.


♣    Science Abroad 

provides science students with the opportunity to complete a research course at one of several prestigious research facilities overseas. You could earn an A&S credit by applying your academic studies to real-world lab situations at one of several prestigious research facilities located abroad. Options have included molecular computational chemistry in Hungary, human biology in China and Taiwan, and physics research at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.


♣    The Centre for International Experience offers international student exchange

opportunities around the world. A&S students can study at one of over 125 partner universities and institutions in 38 countries worldwide, including Brazil, India or Japan. Courses are approved by departments for transfer credit.


♣    There are also hundreds of A&S courses that study the language, history, culture, politics and other phenomena of almost every part of the world. For complete course listings visit the Arts & Science Calendar