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Answers to some frequently asked questions about participating in the International/Indigenous Course Module program, the Research Excursion Program, the Dean’s Fund for International and Indigenous Initiatives, and the Germany/Europe Research and Study Fund.

  1. Who is eligible to participate in Faculty-funded international programs?
    Any registered Faculty of Arts & Science student in good standing, who is of majority and has no outstanding library fines or fees. Any faculty member with a continuous appointment to the St. George Faculty of Arts & Science. Due to limited funding, priority is given to students who have not previously received funding from the Faculty for an international experience. This includes the International/Indigenous Course Module program, the Research Excursion Program, the Germany/Europe Research and Study Fund or the Dean’s Fund for International and Indigenous Initiatives

  2. If I help organize an international activity, am I guaranteed a place in that activity?
    No one, regardless of role or previous funding, can be guaranteed a place in an international program or activity. The Faculty reserves the right to determine if a student or faculty member may participate.

  3. Can I pay my own way to travel with a funded program?
    No, the Faculty programs provide funding and administrative support for a specific number of students. To maintain the equity of opportunity for these programs, students may not pay their own way to participate, regardless of the source of funding. Students with their own funding are encouraged to explore other international opportunities such as Summer Abroad, Science Abroad and International Student Exchange.

  4. Do I need medical insurance to participate in an international program?
    Each person’s situation is unique, so we recommend that you check with your insurance company to see what your coverage is outside of Canada. We strongly recommend that participants consider purchasing comprehensive health insurance for outside Ontario.

  5. What vaccinations do I need to participate in an international program?
    Each person’s situation is unique and vaccines are a personal choice. We recommend that participants consult with their health care provider as soon as they know when and where their program is located.

  6. If I have a disability, am I eligible to participate in an international program?
    Yes. If you are a student with a disability, please contact your instructor and Accessibility Services as soon as possible to discuss appropriate accommodations.

  7. Is there additional funding for international programs if my program goes over the amount provided by the Faculty?
    Unfortunately, there is no additional funding available. Please be as accurate as possible in proposing your budget. In particular, be realistic about any proposed fundraising activities. Colleges cannot provide program support after a project has been approved by the Faculty.

  8. Are Faculty of Arts & Science-funded international programs safe?
    All our programs follow the U of T Framework on Off-Campus Safety, which include Safety in Field Research and Safety Abroad. All participants in Faculty-funded programs are required to attend a pre-departure orientation and be registered on the University’s Safety Abroad database.

  9. How can I find out more about Faculty of Arts & Science-funded international programs?
    This website provides information for students, faculty and staff. In addition, information sessions are offered for each program prior to the application deadline. For details or additional information, please contact us at the international office.