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International partnerships in the Faculty of Arts & Science develop over an extended period of time and for a variety of purposes. Faculty members who would like to formalize or develop a relationship with an international colleague are encouraged to discuss ways in which the Faculty can support your efforts. We can help connect you to other scholars working in similar areas and clarify administrative procedures.

The following can be provided to individual faculty members with support of their unit head and approval of the dean:

    • Letter of support — generally used to support international activities in their very preliminary stages.
    • Letter of Intent — outlines the intention to engage in activities in particular areas, for example, collaborative research, symposia, etc. Letters of Intent are written prior to the beginning of any activities or commitment of resources.
    • Implementation Agreement — used for international  activities at a more advanced stage. Specifies the nature, duration and funding of specific activities, as well as the point person responsible for these activities at each institution. These are signed by the dean on behalf of Arts & Science and by his counterpart from the partner institution.
    • Memorandum of Understanding — is necessary for a student exchange agreement.
    • List of existing student exchange partners.
  • More Information about developing international partnerships within the Faculty of Arts & Science, please email fas.international@utoronto.ca.