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Instructor Timeline for International Programs

At least 2 months prior to departure (F and Y courses)
As soon as possible (S courses)
  • All instructors submit the following information to Deborah Shaw, Undergraduate Teaching & Learning administrator at: deb.shaw@utoronto:
    • Student Information: The name, student number, email and date of birth of each student participant for inclusion in U of T's Safety Abroad Database.
      Note: Priority should be given to students who have not received funding from the Faculty for previous ICM, 399 Research Excursions, Deans International Initiatives Fund or the Germany/Europe Research and Study Fund. You will be notified if there are any such students identified for your project.
    • Updated Budget: Once all students have been approved for participation, plane tickets purchased and accommodation secured, please email your updated budget. The balance of funding will be transferred after all students have submitted their signed release forms.
  • At this time, also print out and sign a release form for each of your students. Students will be required to submit their signed forms 6 weeks prior to departure.
7 weeks prior to departure
  • Mandatory instructors meeting held at Sidney Smith Hall. Instructors will be provided information on their responsibilities and program support while traveling.
6 weeks prior to departure
  • Students receive a signed release form from their instructor and attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation conducted by U of T's Safety Abroad Office. 
  • Deliver completed release forms to: Deborah Shaw, Room 2128, Sidney Smith Hall.
    Note: Funding will not be released until all completed release forms are submitted.
4 weeks prior to departure
  • Students and instructors meet to discuss particulars of travel, documentation, medical needs, etc.