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Applications for International Programs 2017-18

The Faculty of Arts & Science encourages as many students as possible to undertake a significant, academic-related international experience during their academic careers. Providing a wide range of opportunities to participate in such experiences is a Faculty priority and funding is allocated for a number of A&S programs. International opportunities include partnerships developed with Indigenous nations.

To allow as much planning time as possible, the table below summarizes requests for proposals for A&S international-related programs.  

& Application Details

Application Date Due
Eligible to Apply
Application  Format Purpose
Dean’s Fund for International and Indigenous Initiatives (DFIII) Nov. 24
Undergraduate & Graduate

4 page proposal
Expand international opportunities for students through funding for activities not currently available through other programs
Research Excursion Program (REP 398H/Y Courses) Nov. 24
 Faculty only
4 page proposal
Students to contribute to faculty research in an
off-campus setting.
Undergraduate Research Fund
Nov. 24 & Mar. 2
Undergraduate Students
5 page application form

Supports student research related to student's degree.
SELECT Languages for Research Purposes
Jan. 19
Graduate Students
4-8 page proposal
Study of languages not regularly taught at U of T.
Summer Abroad Courses (Summer 2018)
Mar. 15
Faculty only
4 page application
Teach a U of T course overseas.
International/Indigenous Course Module (ICM) Program Apr. 20
Faculty & Undergraduate Students
5 page proposal Incorporate an international or Indigenous module into an existing undergraduate course.