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Dean's Student Leadership Award

The Dean's Student Leadership Award recognizes an Arts and Science student who has played a significant leadership role in his or her extracurricular activities and in so doing has had a demonstrable impact on improving the quality of student experience at the University of Toronto. Such work could include, but is not limited to, launching mentorship or community outreach programs and organizing social and cultural events, educational forums, workshops and lectures.

Eligibility Criteria: Any undergraduate or graduate student, currently enrolled in a degree program in the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus, who has:

  • Provided an opportunity for U of T students to become engaged in improving the quality of life for those within or beyond the University.
  • Furthered our education mission by promoting civil discourse and informed dialogue.
  • Supported our international character by encouraging cross-cultural understanding.
  • Contributed to the variety and richness of the Faculty’s diversity through cultural events and social programming.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the organization and running of recreational clubs and programs.

Value: $500

Nominations: All components of the nomination (nomination letter, letters of support, etc.) must be submitted together. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. Nominations must include the current mailing address of the nominee and the following:

  • Cover sheet: The application must include the summary and contact information form.
  • A nomination can be made by U of T students, faculty, administrative staff (e.g., college registrar staff, graduate/undergraduate administrator), or alumni.
  • The nomination letter must clearly state the nominee's merits as outlined in the general criteria.
  • In addition to the nomination letter, at least two letters of support (maximum three) for the nomination from students, faculty, adminsitrative staff (e.g. college registrar staff, graduate/undergraduate administrator) or alumni must be provided; at least one of these must be from a University of Toronto faculty or administrative staff member.

    Submit nominations to:
    Faculty of Arts and Science Student Awards Committee
    c/o Lanor Mallon, Manager, Faculty Governance and Curriculum
    Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1006
    Toronto, Ontario, M5S 3G3

Deadline: December 15 at 5:00 p.m. – Late submissions will not be accepted.

The award recipient will be notified by mail by end of January.