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Scholarships by Department

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Scholarships by Department

Need-to-know Scholarship Information

  • Most scholarships are designated for students in a specific program. Non-program-specific scholarships are categorized as Miscellaneous.
  • The criteria listed on each departmental page are for general information purposes only. Each department has an established procedure for nominating students for awards. Some scholarships are awarded automatically by the department; other scholarships are awarded via an application process. Students will be informed by the department if they have been awarded a scholarship or if they should submit an application.
  • The notation OSOTF means that eligible students must meet the following conditions:
    • Canadian citizens or permanent residents
    • Ontario residents
    • Demonstrate financial need by qualifying for OSAP/UTAPS or via the Arts &Science Financial Need Assessment Form.

Payment of Awards

  • Award cheques for internal scholarships and University of Toronto Fellowships, after the deduction of any outstanding fees or residence charges, will be mailed to the student's mailing address as listed in the Student Records System.
  • An exception is made for September award cheques, which are given to students by their department after registration. Students may also arrange to have awards paid by direct deposit (other than for September awards) by completing banking information on the Student Records System. Awards may be paid in one, two or three installments in September, January or May.