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Graduate Funding Facts

Base Funding

The departments in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (A&S) provide a base funding package to all graduate students in the funded cohort. The A&S base funding package was developed to support students in their graduate studies by bridging the difference between graduate awards and income derived from paid experience and the base amount established by the faculty. For 2017-18, the A&S base funding package is $16,750 ($17,250 in the Sciences) plus tuition and fees. In 2018-19, the A&S base funding package will be $17,000 ($17,500 in the Sciences) plus tuition and fees.

Individual graduate units are welcome to provide enhanced packages. In 2017-18, 30% of graduate units offered packages that exceeded the A&S base funding amount.

The Three Year Graduate Funding Initiative

In 2016, the Faculty of Arts & Science announced a three pronged strategy to improve graduate education for doctoral stream students. It included a base funding increase, which is being rolled out over three years, new initiatives to assist students to progress through their programs and prepare for careers, and Program Level Fellowship Pools, to be deployed at the graduate unit level after consultation with students. These initiatives are to be reviewed in 2018-19 with a view to developing a strategy for the coming years.

The fact sheets and documents available through the links below provide concise information on how graduate funding works, the three year funding initiative, Program Level Fellowships and the base funding amounts provided by each graduate unit.

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