Food on Campus

Meal Plans

Most residences have dining halls specific to your college. If you live in a dormitory residence, you'll have a meal plan with your residence dining hall.

If you choose not to live in residence or if you live in an apartment-style residence at either Innis and Woodsworth Colleges, meal plans are available for purchase.  These declining-balance meal plans allow you to dine at various locations on campus.


Something to Suit your Taste

The cafeterias on offer a multitude of food choices. Check out the following links for information on where to find kosher, halal, environmentally conscious, vegetarian, and vegan options on campus:

Sustainable Options

Looking for food that treads lightly on the earth? Looking for locally grown food? The interactive food map can identify and describe all the eateries and grocery stores that offer organic, local, LFP-certified and fair trade foods.


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