Research Opportunities

Research Opportunity Program

  • The Research Opportunities Program enables you to work on a research project with a professor at the second-year level for course credit.
  • Research projects are available in all areas of study - you may find yourself researching the lives of ancient Athenians (Classics) or examining the root causes of memory loss in amnesia (Psychology), to name just a few projects.
  • Read some research experiences from participating students and check out the FAQs 


Research Excursions Program

  • Research excursions allow you to participate in a practical or experiential off-campus research activity under the supervision of a faculty member in your third year
  • Conduct research in archives, laboratories, libraries, or in a field camps - but not in a classroom
  • Examples include: Collecting Late Cretaceous fossils in the badlands of Alberta, Canada (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), excavating the ancient Minoan harbour town of Palaikastro, Crete, Greece (Art History), Using ground probing radar to explore how Earlier Stone Age hominins lived in Kathu, South Africa (Earth Sciences), Using forensic geophysics to find the hidden graves of the gold rush in Yukon, Canada (Earth Sciences)


 Upper Year Opportunities

  • Design an independent research project in third or fourth year
    Work with your department to assemble your own research project for course credit


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