Employment Relations

Employment Relations offers students the opportunity to study the employment relationship in a Canadian context from the perspectives of economics, history, law, management, political science and sociology.  The program provides students with a theoretical background and knowledge of current developments in the labour field that will serve as a basis for careers in employment relations and human resources or for further training at the graduate level.


    Admission Information

    • Apply to the Social Sciences admission category on the St. George campus
    • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English, are required
    • A senior level Math course is recommended preparation for first-year courses
    • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


    Bachelor of Arts Program

    • Employment Relations (specialist and major options)


    First-Year Courses

    There are no specific Employment Relations courses at the first-year level.


    Advice For First Year

    Faculty of Arts & Science students choose their program of study, such as Employment Relations, after completion of first year.    

    Students interested in enrolling in an Employment Relations program must complete at least two first-year, full-course equivalents in Economics (ECO100Y or ECO105Y) and Sociology/Psychology (any combination from this list is acceptable: SOC101Y/102H/ 103H/ PSY100H.)  For detailed information about admission to the Employment Relations program please visit the Program Website.


    Professional Qualification

    Some courses taken in the program are applicable to the program of studies leading to the designation of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) awarded by the Human Resources Professionals Association.



    Direct career options include:

    Benefits assistant Health and safety inspector
    Compensation coordinator Human resources assistant
    Consultant Labour relations advisor
    Corporate trainer Legal secretary
    Employee relations representative Payroll clerk
    Fundraiser Recruitment specialist


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    First Year