Admission Categories

Students applying to the Faculty of Arts & Science must choose one of six broad admission categories on the left based on their intended program of study.

Students enroll in a program of study at the end of first year. This means that in your first year of study you will take courses that are required for the program(s) that you want to study in second year. 

If you don't know what you want to study you will have lots of time to figure it out. You will take a mix of courses in first year that will prepare you for a variety of programs.

Explore your program options using the calendar.


Flexible Options

Choice and flexibility are hallmarks of an education in the Faculty of Arts & Science. You’ll have the opportunity to combine programs in widely different areas. Interested in both English and biochemistry? How about physics and philosophy? Or mathematics and drama? Our flexibility gives you the freedom to mix and match your programs.



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First Year