Shubhi Sahni

Year of Study: Second

Home Town: Oakville, Ontario

Programs of Study: English and Book & Media Studies

College: Trinity College

Why did you choose U of T? 

I knew U of T was the place for me after I walked through the castle walls of University College and peeked in on a history seminar happening at the time. I was easily able to picture myself as a student at the school because I felt such a strong sense of belonging. 

What advice would you give to first year students?

Branch out and do things just because they sound interesting to you. Take that History of Espionage course, join that graphic design club, run for that student government position; you won’t regret the experiences that you have.

What has been your favourite course so far?

ENG 150. The tutorials in the course were so engaging; I really enjoyed being able to talk about literature in such a focused environment.

What surprised you the most about university?

I never realized that I would have so many things to do and not nearly enough time in the day. I learned the importance of time management and how helpful a planner really is.


What support services have you found most useful at U of T?

I’ve found the Career Centre to be so helpful. They provide resources on everything from writing a good resumé to acing any interview.

My U of T is…