Shreya Nayak

Year of Study: Third

Home Town: Toronto, Ontario

Programs of Study: International Relations

College: Trinity College

Why did you choose U of T?

I wanted to be challenged in a way that brings out the best in me. So it made sense to choose the best educational institution in the country. U of T not only brings forth an unparalleled educational experience but also provides amazing extra-curricular activities, clubs, associations, and athletics. Ensuring that its students gain a well-rounded experience is top priority for U of T; take me for example, I’m an executive member for Enactus, an entrepreneurial business association, play for the Varsity Tennis team and now am a student ambassador, all while working to achieve excellence in my academics.

What advice would you give to first year students?

 Get out of your comfort zone. There is so much to experience here at U of T St. George. Being located in the core of Downtown Toronto, every day is a chance to learn something new. U of T gives you the exposure to a fast-paced work atmosphere while also providing for a close-knit community life. Opportunities, no matter your field of study or background, are in abundance on this amazing campus.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Toronto?

It’s tough to choose just one. As a student who has an immense value for academic excellence, I spend a lot of time at U of T’s libraries. Whether its studying with my friends in one of the numerous study lounges/rooms at Robarts, or sitting next to the fireplaces while going through a stack of amazing first edition books at Graham Library, U of T enables its students to go the extra length in achieving their goals.

What surprised you the most about university?

You might think that a university with a large student body would treat you like a number. My experience was the complete opposite and that surprised me a great deal. Here at U of T, I’ve made my best friends, found mentors in my professors, and bridged excellent relations with U of T alumni. U of T is more than just a school; it’s like home for me.

What unique learning opportunities have you participated in?

In first year I did a Trinity One public policy program which encompassed two courses. As a first year student I was expecting majority of my courses to be big. This wasn’t the case at all; my TrinONE courses had 20 students in each class which provided for one-on-one engagement with my professors. In fact, the entirety of my first year was made of medium to small class-room experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed and further confirmed that I was in the right field of study!