Darren Chen

Year: Second

Home Town: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Program of Study: Rotman Commerce Specialist in Finance and Economics

College: Woodsworth College


Why did you choose U of T?

I chose U of T because of its global reputation and location in downtown Toronto. I know that the location will give me more access to opportunities and activities to enrich my educational experience.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Toronto?

My favourite part about U of T is the people. We have a very diverse student population that is made up of students from different backgrounds and experiences. The professors and staff are also very supportive and welcoming to students.

What has been your favourite course so far?

ECO100 is my favourite course so far because it allowed me to analyze and think critically about the world around us. I was able to get insights on the role that economic theories and policies play in our daily lives and its effects on the decisions that we make. 

What surprised you the most about university?

I was most surprised by the resources that are available to students at the university. Whether it is academic support, health clinics, or student life events, there are always resources and activities to assist students during their university experience. 


What support service have you found most useful at U of T?

I find the Career Centre to be really helpful. It has a wide range of resources and seminars such as networking, resume writing, and company information sessions that can help students prepare and choose their career path.

My U of T is...

A growing experience. I am looking to develop new skills and grow my interest during my time at U of T