First Year Foundations

All seven colleges in the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Munk School of Global Affairs offer distinctive first-year programs that build community, foster critical thinking and writing skills and develop intellectual independence. First Year Foundations (or "Ones") enable you to explore their interests, engage with community, and experience the extraordinary in a small seminar setting.

One programs typically combine one or more small-group, theme-based courses with co-curricular events (e.g. guest lectures) and experiential learning opportunities. All first-year, full-time students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, regardless of college affiliation, are eligible for admission to these programs.

2016 applications are now open.  Follow the links below to apply to the One program(s) of your choice.


If you have already received an offer from one or more Ones’ program, you can accept your offer now.



Ones Programs


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Innis One: The Creative City

Drawing from the College's three academic programs - Cinema Studies, Urban Studies, and Writing and Rhetoric - Innis One encourages you to develop your creative and critical capacities by exploring the dynamism of the urban environment. By reaching beyond the walls of the academy to engage in an imaginative, inquiry-based, and civic-minded learning experience, you will gain a greater appreciation of the interplay between film, writing and urban landscapes. Small seminars featuring guest lecturers, student leadership events, and special field trips will offer you a unique experiential learning opportunity.

  • Number of credits: 1 One credit
  • Program structure: Small seminars and experiential learning activities
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: Online application
  • Further Information: The Creative City Website


Munk One

Think Big. Work in teams to solve real world problems. Innovate. Munk One provides students with a focus on innovation and global problem-solving. Through case studies of complex challenges worldwide, Munk One students identify innovations that succeed, how successful innovation can be fostered, and why innovative solutions sometimes fail to address global problems. Beyond the classroom, you are placed in cutting-edge global affairs policy labs that are tackling real-world problems. Join a community of students engaging the role of innovation in areas such as cyber security, health, development and sustainability, and human rights.

  • Number of credits: Two
  • Program structure: Two small half-year seminars and one full-year lab course
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: Apply online with a statement on a global problem and an innovation
  • Further Information: Munk One Website - Challenge Yourself to Innovate


New One: Learning Without Borders

To foster “learning without borders,” New One integrates perspectives from the arts and sciences, across the disciplines, from campus and community, embracing different ways of learning and drawing on personal experience. While focusing on current topics (like food and digital technology) in small seminar courses, students will combine regularly with others in the program to make connections between topics, and broadening their experience through field trips, public lectures and interactive workshops.  The program explores the ways in which we are connected and interdependent, as well as divided and unequal, locally and globally. It provides opportunities for students to reflect together on what it means to be socially aware and engaged global citizens today.

  • Number of credits: 1 One credit (two half-courses)
  • Program structure: Small seminars, co-curricular activities
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: online application
  • Further Information: Learning Without Borders Website


SMC One: Cornerstone

If you are interested in social justice, SMC One: Cornerstone allows you to integrate your university experience with work in local community and advocacy. The Justice, Culture and Community course explores the theory, development and application of social justice from historical, sociological, political, philosophical, theological and psychological perspectives. Through critical and creative reflection practices, guest lectures and service-learning placements,  SMC One explores questions of truth and value in the context of academic study and lived experience.

  • Number of credits: 1 One credit
  • Program structure: 25 students in each theme-based seminar group; 2 hours of lectures and a community service-learning placement
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: online application
  • Further Information: Cornerstone Website


Trinity One

Since 2005 The Margaret MacMillan Trinity One program has been a destination for students looking to challenge themselves in an intellectually engaging and supportive environment. Trinity One seminars offer students a specialized inter-disciplinary introduction to central theories and concepts, while also devoting significant time to building the core skills needed to thrive in a wide range of subject areas. In addition to the two stream specific seminars, students attend monthly co-curricular talks with leading scholars, as well other social and academic events designed to open up doors within the university.

  • Number of credits: 2
  • Program structure: Five separate streams: The Public Policy, Ethics, theScience of Health, and the Health, Science and Society streams each have one section;International Relations has two. Each section is limited to 25 students. The Public Policy, Ethics, and International Relations streams are completed in one year; the Science of Health and the Health, Science, and Society streams are completed in two.
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: online application with brief essay and list of extracurricular activities.
  • Deadline: April 15, 2016


UC One: Engaging Toronto

University College's UC One enables you to take one of an exciting set of small-enrollment interdisciplinary courses that engage different aspects of Toronto: its communities and their place in Canada, the health of its citizens, its performing arts scene, and the culture and politics of its urban sexual diversity. UC One combines a strong academic orientation with co-curricular components that use Toronto as a laboratory for both humanities and social scientific enquiry. This program not only prepares you to succeed at U of T but also teaches you to apply what you learn to the world around you.

  • Number of credits: 1 One credit
  • Program structure: Seminars of 25 students, community-based research
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: online application
  • Further Information: Engaging Toronto Website


Vic One

Launched in 2003, the award-winning Vic One is the first of the ONE programs. It is an academically challenging and inspiring program for talented and engaged students who are interested in a multi-disciplinary approach to learning, research, and human experience.

Vic One aims to stimulate, encourage and refine intellectual curiosity. Students work directly with professors in a small-class setting, honing research, presentation, writing, creative and critical thinking skills. Depending on the stream of study in humanities, sciences, or social sciences, students have a variety of opportunities for enhanced experiential learning, such as mentorship by a life science or technology professional, archival research projects, and educational field placements in Toronto schools. A weekly series of guest lectures by noted scholars, thinkers, artists and industry leaders rounds out the Vic One experience.

  • Number of credits: 2 Vic One credits + 1 (program-based) co-requisite = 3 total
  • Program Structure: Small seminar courses + guest lectures
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application Procedure: Extracurricular activity history, a brief essay and a brief personal statement
  • Deadline: Passed
  • Further Information: Vic One Website

Application Closed.


Woodsworth One

Woodsworth One offers two streams, both of which involve small classes and weekly co-curricular workshops that include field trips, guest lectures, films, and student leadership events.

The Order and Disorder stream focuses on the role of laws, values, government policies, trade, and innovation in creating and disrupting both social and global order. The Popular Culture Today stream examines the products of the entertainment industry and the social behaviours associated with their consumption, exploring how popular culture works and what it means.  Both streams take an interdisciplinary approach to their topics, drawing on perspectives from a wide range of disciplines.

  • Number of credits: 1 One credit
  • Program structure: Two half-credit seminars limited to 25 students, plus timetabled co-curricular activities.
  • Eligibility: Faculty of Arts & Science (St. George) applicants
  • Application procedure: online application with brief personal statement
  • Further Information: Woodsworth One Website