Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Toronto Policy on Student Financial Support guarantees that no student offered admission will be unable to attend due to financial circumstances (Canadian students, Canadian permanent residents and protected persons only).  This guarantee requires that students use all available means of student aid.

The Awards and Financial Aid offices provide assistance to students looking for information about the university's scholarship and financial assistance programs.

Entrance Scholarships
In-Course Scholarships
Student Grants, Loans, and Bursaries
International Student Financial Aid


Entrance Scholarships 

Students who have applied for admission will be considered for entrance scholarships on the basis of academic achievement. Each year, the University of Toronto offers approximately 3,600 scholarships.  Scholarship offers are mailed out at the same time as the offers of admission.  Most entrance scholarships do not require an application; they are awarded automatically to top students.

Automatic Consideration - No Application Required

Name Value Number Notes
U of T Scholars Awards
700 Open to applicants to any U of T campus. 
Based on academic excellence.
College entrance scholarships
$500 - $12,000
Varies by college
College specific requirements. 
President’s Scholars of Excellence Program
$10,000 + non-monetary awards
Based on academic excellence.

Application Required

Value Number Notes
National Scholarship
Tuition (x 4 yrs); residence in first year
plus varying cash award
10 (approx)
Based on academic excellence, together with creativity, intellectual enthusiasm and
school/community involvement. 
Special consideration and essay.
Awards Profile
Filling out the Awards Profile on the Join U of T portal will allow you to apply for many scholarships that take financial need or other criteria into consideration.

 There are many other application-based scholarships.


In-Course Scholarships

In-Course Scholarships are awarded to students who have excelled in their programs of study. These scholarships may be awarded by the University or by the student's faculty or college and are based on general proficiency or outstanding achievements in certain areas.


Student Grants, Loans, and Bursaries

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS) is a financial aid program for full-time students who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons and are eligible for need-based government student assistance or funding from a First Nations band.

Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible for financial assistance from their provincial governments.

Students who are experiencing financial difficulties due to unexpected circumstances which are beyond their control may apply for grant assistance through their college or faculty. If you are a graduate student, you may apply for financial assistance through your graduate department


International Student Financial Aid

For information on scholarships and financial aid for international students, visit the International Awards page.

Citizens of the United States studying in degree programs at the University of Toronto can apply for financial assistance from the USA Federal Direct Loan Program.  As an international school, the University of Toronto is only eligible for Direct Loans (excludes U.S. grant and work-study).

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