Expected Costs

The cost of university study includes direct expenses (tuition and other fees, books and equipment) and living expenses while you are enrolled.  The cost of attending university varies according to your program of study and place of residence during the academic year (September to April).

Fees are composed of tuition (academic) fees and compulsory incidental (non-academic) fees.


Incidental Fees

All tuition-paying students are charged compulsory non-academic incidental fees. These include fees for student societies and for campus based services (e.g. Student Services, Student Affairs, the Health Services, Hart House and the Athletics Centre). 

Incidental fees for full-time students range from approximately $1,250 to $1,750 and depend on the college you are admitted to.


Cost of Living

Books, accommodation, transportation, and other expenses will affect your cost of living while a University of Toronto student.

To help plan your finances, use this budgeting template to estimate your education expenses.


Health Insurance

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a compulsory health insurance plan for all international students and their dependents and available for students who are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. 


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