Selecting your College

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When you apply to the Faculty of Arts & Science you must rank the colleges in order of preference.  They are all good choices, but you should rank them according to your personal interests. 


Each college has its own character or personality. In ordering your choices you may wish to consider location, residence type and space, size of membership, architecture, religious affiliation, family tradition, choices made by your friends, or any other factors which may make some colleges more appealing to you than others.


It is important to remember that whichever college you are a member of, you will have access to all courses and programs offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science.  College affiliation does not restrict academic choices.


Things to Consider When Ranking the Colleges


Do you plan to live in residence?

The style of residence varies by college. Innis and Woodsworth Colleges have apartment-style residences, the other five colleges have traditional dorm-style residences.  See the housing section of this website for more information on each college's residence accommodations.


Size and Location

From east to west, the seven colleges are scattered across the St. George campus.  See the colleges map to get a sense of where each is located.


Similarly, the colleges vary by size from small, Trinity and Innis, to large, Woodsworth, and everything in between.  See the Arts & Science viewbook and the college websites for specific details. 


Your Top Choice

Due to demand, the following colleges will ONLY consider students who select the college as their first choice:

Additionally, you need to rank Woodsworth College first if you are a Rotman Commerce student wishing to be a member of Woodsworth College and/or if you wish to live in Woodsworth residence.


Each college has its own academic criteria for membership and residence acceptance. Some colleges have higher grade requirements than others. Academic "cut-offs" may change from year to year, depending on the size and range of the applicant pool and the admission targets set by the Faculty of Arts & Science.  Two colleges - Trinity and Victoria - also base their decision on an applicant profile.