College FAQs

What happens if I don’t rank the colleges?

You must rank the colleges to complete your application to the Faculty of Arts & Science – but all the colleges have lots to offer. There isn’t a wrong choice.


Do I take classes at my college?

Not necessarily. You will be in classes with students from every college all over campus. However, many first-year
seminars are taught in the colleges and often students take one at their own college.


Is there a science college or a commerce college?

No. All the colleges admit roughly the same proportion of arts, science and commerce students.


If I ask for student housing, will I be living at my college?

Most students live in residences associated with their college. Students are also housed at Chestnut Residence near campus which is home to students from all colleges, as well as from professional faculties and other divisions.


How do I change my rankings?

If you applied through the OUAC website, log back into that website to adjust your college rankings.  If you used the international application, follow the link in your status check on the Join U of T portal to download and submit an application change form.

The ranking can be changed:

Ontario High School Students: until January 16, 2018

All Other Applicants: until your application is complete and under review



Can I change my college after I’ve received my offer of admission?

It may be possible, but it depends on the space availability. It’s easiest to clarify your preferences when you apply.


How will I know which college has accepted me?

Your offer of admission to the Faculty of Arts & Science lets you know which college will be your home at U of T.