Public Policy

Solving real-world policy challenges requires the use of multi-disciplinary tools to analyze problems, determine the best means to deal with those problems, and decide on the best course of action.  An undergraduate Major in Public Policy provides a unique opportunity for students in Social Science disciplines to think in an interdisciplinary way, by drawing on theories and approaches, as well as tool kits developed in the core disciplines of Economics and Political Science, and beyond.

Students in this program develop theoretical and applied reasoning skills in policy analysis, as well as a solid grounding in quantitative methods and research.

Admission Information

  • Apply to the Social Sciences admission category on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English and Calculus and Vectors are required
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits
  • Admission to the public policy undergrad program will be determined by a student's average marks in the required first year courses (outlined below)



Public Policy (major)


Advice for First Year

Students are required to take the following courses in order to qualify for the undergraduate major in public policy.

  • POL 101Y1 - Democracy, Dictatorship, War, and Peace: An Introduction (67%) OR TrinityOne Public Policy courses TRN160Y and/or TRN161Y  (75%) / VicOne policy streams (75% in 1.0 FCE)
    • Students entering through TrinityOne/VicOne streams will be ineligible to take upper year POL courses until they have completed POL214Y
  • Either ECO 100Y1 - Introduction to Economics (with a final mark of at least 67%) or CO 105Y1 - Principles of Economics for Non-Specialists (with a final mark of at least 80%), AND
  • Optional MAT 133Y1 - Calculus and Linear Algebra for Commerce or equivalent (65%)
    • MAT133Y or equivalent (65%) is required for those students studying ECO206Y, ECO208Y, ECO210Y, ECO227Y in their upper years
    • MAT133Y or equivalent (no minimum grade) is required for those students studying ECO200Y, ECO202Y, ECO204Y, ECO209Y, ECO220Y in their upper years
    • MAT133Y or equivalent (65%) is not required for those students studying PPG200H1


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First Year