Literature and Critical Theory

Literature and Critical Theory will attract students who are interested in exploring existing links – and generating new ones – between literature and historical, cultural, political, social, and psychological forces. Literature and Critical Theory trains students to think about how problems of the present are tied to those of the past, and to consider critically both how we represent this past and how we imagine possible futures. This requires reflecting on the logic of historical transmission and transformation, and on the ways in which cultural forms mediate our experience.


Admission Information

  • Apply to the Humanities admission category on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


Honours Bachelor of Arts Programs

  • Literature and Critical Theory (Comparative Literature Steam) (specialist and major options)
  • Literature and Critical Theory (Cultural Theory Stream) (specialist and major options)
  • Literature and Critical Theory (minor)


Advice for First Year

Students interested in pursuing Literature and Critical theory are advised to take VIC202Y1 - Forms of Representation as an introductory course. This course is open to first-year students.



Direct career options include:

Communications Specialist Researcher
Marketing Manager Public Affairs Officer
Print Journalist Editorial Assistant
Editor Public Opinion Researcher
Technical Writer Customer Service Coordinator
Advertising Copywriter Community Relations Coordinator
Public Relations Specialist Fundraiser
Webmaster/Content Developer Librarian
Publisher Copy Editor



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First Year