Equity Studies

The Equity Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach to social justice theories and practices in a variety of local and global contexts. Areas of emphasis include disability studies, global food equity and social advocacy. In addition to core courses, students are required to take equity courses from other programs and departments across the university.


Admission Information

  • Apply to the Social Science or Humanities admission categories on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


Bachelor of Arts Program

  • Equity Studies (major and minor)


First-Year Courses

There are no specific first-year courses in Equity Studies.


Advice for First Year

Students interested in pursuing a program in Equity Studies are encouraged to include one or more first-year courses in sociology, anthropology, history, political science or women and gender studies to provide maximum flexibility in course selection in higher years.



A background in equity studies is good preparation for many academic endeavours and careers in such areas as community services, education, international development, employment equity, law, mental health and public education, and social work.


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First Year