Celtic Studies

The Celtic Studies program offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses on the languages, literatures, history, music, folklore, art and archaeology of the peoples of Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The program examines Celtic identities in the modern as well as the ancient and medieval world, and explores the transmission of these traditions to Canada and the United States.


    Admission Information

    • Apply to the Humanities admission category on the St. George campus
    • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required
    • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


    Honours Bachelor of Arts Program

    • Celtic Studies (specialist, major and minor options)


    First-Year Courses

    • SMC 141Y1 – Introduction to the Irish Language


    Advice for First Year

    The foundation courses for the program, SMC240H1 Celtic Cultures I: Ancient and Mediaeval and SMC241H1 Celtic Cultures II: Modern, are offered at the second-year level and are open to first-year students.  For those students interested in pursuing a Specialist or Major Program, we recommend taking an introductory language course in first year. 



    A degree in Celtic Studies is good preparation for a career in education, journalism, arts and entertainment, or communications.

    Many of our students pursue graduate work in history, mediaeval studies, literature, archaeology, folklore, and library science.


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    First Year