African Studies

The African Studies Program offers opportunities to study the people, ideas and knowledge, cultures and institutions of Africa and African diasporas through interdisciplinary lenses.  The courses are drawn from humanities, social sciences and sciences. The core courses deal with subjects such as African history and systems of thought, development, African innovations, the slave trade, colonialism, African diasporas, African international relations, health, humanitarianism and politics.


Admission Information

  • Apply to either the Humanities or Social Sciences admission categories on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


Bachelor of Arts Program

  • African Studies (specialist, major and minor options)


First-Year Courses

  • NEW 150Y1 – Introduction to African Studies


Advice for First Year

If you are interested in enrolling in the African Studies program, or just wish to take a course in African Studies as an elective, you should take the first-year course listed above.

In this course you will be introduced to topics such as the origins of African civilizations, the African experience of colonialism, African humanism and philosophy, and the dynamics of contemporary social organization, politics and culture.

A program in African Studies often enhances the employability of students seeking opportunities in governmental, non-governmental, academic, corporate and international organizations that deal with Africa or African-related issues.



Program graduates of African Studies may find career opportunities in the fields of development, social, cultural and educational agencies/organizations, business and humanitarian organizations.  

Graduates from the program also choose to pursue graduate degrees (M.A. and Ph.D.) or complimentary degree programs such as medicine, nursing, law, business (MBA), public administration (MPA), teaching, journalism, human resources, social work and communication and media studies in leading universities in Canada, United Kingdom and United States.


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First Year