Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program dedicated to the study and research of Indigenous peoples in Canada and throughout the world. The program offers courses that engender a rigorous and respectful understanding of Indigenous peoples' languages, knowledges, cultures, histories, politics, arts, intellectual traditions and research methodologies.


Admission Information

  • Apply to either the Humanities or Social Sciences admission categories on the St. George campus
  • Six Grade 12 U or M courses, including English are required.
  • Students outside of Ontario should have the equivalent senior high school credits


Bachelor of Arts Program

  • Indigenous Studies (specialist, major and minor options)


First-Year Courses

The Indigenous Studies program does not offer courses at the first-year level. However, the foundation course for the program, ABS 201Y1- Introduction to Indigenous Studies- Foundations, History and Politics, is offered in second year and is open to first-year students.


Advice for First Year

Students may begin their study of Indigenous Studies by enrolling in ABS 201Y1 in first year.



Students can combine a major or minor in Indigenous Studies with any other subject offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science.  For instance, combinations with anthropology, political science, and sociology would benefit those with career aspirations in archaeology, politics, government, social work and policy development.

Knowledge of Indigenous culture, history and language would be an asset for those studying history, geography and linguistics.

Indigenous Studies also provide a good background for those who have an interest in learning about their own language and culture and would benefit those with career aspirations in art, film, theatre, teaching and graduate studies.

The specialist program offers the opportunity for study of Indigenous  issues in greater depth, with research forming an important component of the program.



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