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Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arts & Science (ATLAS)

We invite proposals from Arts & Science units for ATLAS, the funding mechanism for supporting a wide range of unit-level teaching and learning initiatives within the Faculty.

New this year:

  • STEP Forward initiatives will be funded through ATLAS, rather than a separate call, to provide a single application process for both STEP activities and other teaching & learning proposals.
  • Support for significant enhancements to and innovation in larger graduate courses will be available through ATLAS.
  • ATLAS will be available for both smaller and larger scale funding needs, and will have two rounds of applications, as detailed below.


Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arts & Science (ATLAS) – Call for Proposals

The standing mandate of ATLAS is to support proposals that:

  • Enable exemplary and innovative teaching that incorporates leading pedagogical approaches that is guided by and contributes to a body of evidence-based effective practices.
  • Foster the ongoing renewal of courses and programs to address the evolving needs of students, and to incorporate new disciplinary perspectives and emerging interdisciplinary areas
  • Encourage student engagement in research and other active learning experiences, and in forging connections to local, national, and international communities.
  • Enrich and support student transitions between stages of their undergraduate education, and strengthen connections between their academic studies and life beyond university.
  • Enrich the learning experiences of our students by developing and deploying technologically-enhanced tools and innovations to enable new modes of interaction.

Specific priorities for this year’s call include:
  • rethinking teaching and learning goals and activities within tutorials, especially in large classes;
  • building research teams that include undergraduate and graduate students and faculty;
  • scalable approaches to career-integrated or community-engaged learning;
  • opportunities for graduate students to engage more deeply with undergraduate teaching;
  • embedding support for student transitions into, through and beyond their undergraduate courses and programs.


ATLAS funding is available to support small and large-scale initiatives. Proposals should indicate which level of funding they are seeking:

 o   Navigator grants

  • Support smaller-scale or pilot initiatives (maximum $5,000; one-time only); OR

 o   Elevation grants:  Support larger scale projects (over $5,000) that are a one-time initiative, or a one-to-two-year pilot project with a view to continuation if successful. Proposals are expected to be well-integrated into long-term unit-level curricular goals, with clear anticipated outcomes that can be evaluated.

NB: Projects can be reviewed with the dean's office to discuss sustainability plans.


ATLAS proposals may be submitted in either: 

  • Round 1 – Deadline: Monday, November 14th OR
  • Round 2 – Deadline: Friday, February 17th


Proposals should be developed with in accordance with the ATLAS guidelines. All proposals should be submitted online.  The guidelines and online submission form is available at:

Units that are considering are considering developing a proposal are encouraged to contact the Office of the Vice Dean, Teaching & Learning to discuss their preliminary ideas and/or goals. Support is available to assist you in developing a proposal.  Questions about potential or planned proposals, the proposal guidelines, the submission process, and/or requests for proposal development support should be directed to Thuy Huynh, Teaching & Learning Coordinator at


Additional funding to support teaching and learning initiatives in the Faculty of Arts & Science include: 


Successful ATLAS Proposals