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Guidelines for Proposals to the Advancing Teaching and Learning in Arts and Science (ATLAS) Fund

This document is also available as a Word file.


Deadline: Monday, November 14th (Round 1)

                 Friday, February 17th (Round 2)


Level of funding sought (Select one):

ATLAS funding is available to support small and large-scale initiatives. Please indicate which level of funding you are seeking:

 o   Navigator grants

  • Support smaller-scale or pilot initiatives (maximum $5,000; one-time only); OR

 o   Elevation grants:  Support larger scale projects (over $5,000) that are a one-time initiative, or a one-to-two-year pilot project with a view to continuation if successful. Proposals are expected to be well-integrated into long-term unit-level curricular goals, with clear anticipated outcomes that can be evaluated.

NB: Projects can be reviewed with the dean's office to discuss sustainability plans.


Indicate which teaching and learning goals your proposal addresses

          [select all that apply]

  • Enable exemplary and innovative teaching that incorporates leading pedagogical approaches that is guided by and contributes to a body of evidence-based effective practices.
  • Foster the ongoing renewal of courses and programs to address the evolving needs of students, and to incorporate new disciplinary perspectives and emerging interdisciplinary areas.
  • Encourage student engagement in research and and other active learning experiences, and in forging connections to local, national and international communities. 
  • Enrich and support student transitions between stages of their undergraduate education, and strengthen connections between their academic studies and life beyond university.
  • Enrich the learning experiences of our students by developing and deploying technologically-enhanced tools and innovations to enable new modes of interaction. 


Indicate the approach through which you intend to implement your proposal:

        [select all that apply]

  • rethinking teaching and learning goals and activities within tutorials, especially in large classes;
  • building research terms that include undergraduate and graduate students and faculty;
  • scalable approaches to career-integrated or community engaged learning;
  • opportunities for graduate students to engage more deeply in with undergraduate teaching;
  • embedding support for student transitions into, through and beyond their undergraduate courses and programs.
  • other (please provide details)


Description of proposed initiative:

Description should include the following information:

a) Project Title:

b) Overview of Initiative: what problem/gap does your initiative address, what are you trying to achieve and what mechanisms are you using to achieve this; how does the initiative link to/build on long-term unit goals;

c) Key Participants: who will be involved in the development and implementation;

d) Milestones and deliverables: list the activities or resources generated by your initiative along with an estimated timeline (include details about development, planning and implementation)

e) Benefit to students: how does the project benefit students, how many students will be affected, what is the intended impact;

f) Benefit to Arts & Science: how will the project benefit Arts & Science more broadly (eg., contribution of pedagogical materials or insights transferable to other units, generalizable findings regarding student academic experience, etc.);

g) Sustainability: how will the project be funded on an ongoing basis, how will it be integrated into your unit


Please provide a high-level description (max. 200 words) of the projects rationale, goals and expected outcomes.  Abstracts of successful proposals will be posted on the Faculty of Arts & Science website.



Please note the following in your budget request:

  • ATLAS does not fund major lab renovations/equipment purchases (if you require major lab renovations/equipment purchases, you can contact us and we will refer you as appropriate);
  • ATLAS will find RA support up to $33 per hours (units may, if they wish, top-up this rate);
  • The TA rate for CUPE 3902 Unit 1, including 10% SBR and 4% vacation is: $48,91 for 2016, $49.27 for January-April 2017, and $49.76 beginning May 2017 on until there is a new agreement;
  • When asking for teaching release, please indicate the number of FCEs, the name of the instructor who will be released from teaching and the term in which the release is requested for in the justification column;
  • It is useful for us to know if a cost is one-time only or is ongoing (please note this in the justification column where appropriate).

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