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Preface: Our U of T Teaching Culture

As an instructor who participates in the teaching culture at the University, you have a great deal of latitude for how you teach your course. Your teaching, however, also contributes to our collective mission as undergraduate educators. To that end, members of the FAS Committee on Teaching & Learning have worked together to identify several principles that FAS values in undergraduate teaching:

  • Establishment of an environment conducive to learning, one where ideas can be exchanged freely and easily.
  • Engagement of students in learning, where students are motivated to learn, intellectually stimulated and challenged.
  • Support for student learning, where students have access to the academic help they need from instructors and from across the institution.
  • Integration of assessment into student learning, where assignments and tests are part of the learning process, give students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and provide students a sense of progress in the course.

Our teaching culture is also shaped by our diverse U of T community. Our support for diversity and equity is part of our U o fT-wide commitment to a teaching and learning environment that is not only free of harassment and discrimination as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code but one that values the ways diversity enriches our teaching and contributes to the diversification of ideas and perspectives.