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Who We Are

Human Resources Office Staff


Carol Robb
Assistant Dean and Director of Human Resources
Telephone: 416-946-5182

Diana Tiernan
Manager, Administrative Human Resources
Telephone: 416-978-5124

Madiha Ahmed
Academic Human Resources Officer
Telephone: 416-978-2799

Ellen Brikaras
Benefits Officer/Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-946-5477
Email: ellen.brikaras@utoronto.ca

Julia Chou
Human Resources Advisor
Telephone: 416-946-5003
Email: julia.chou@utoronto.ca

Kim Derrick
Academic Human Resources Officer
Telephone: 416-946-8056
Email: kim.derrick@utoronto.ca

Lisa Hansen
Human Resources Assistant
Telephone: 416-946-5333
Email: l.hansen@utoronto.ca

Alison MacKenzie
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-946-8187

Cecilia Mak
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-978-2127
Email: cecilia.mak@utoronto.ca

Patricia Rafferty
Coordinator, Academic Human Resources, Equity & Special Projects
Telephone: 416-978-7411
Email: patricia.rafferty@utoronto.ca

Naomi Wenger
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-948-3906

Kimberly Yeh
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-978-2271

Kecha Holland (on secondment)
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-946-0907
Email: kecha.holland@utoronto.ca

Jennifer Tucker (on leave)
Human Resources Consultant
Telephone: 416-946-7214