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USW Casual

All non-appointed employees working at the University of Toronto are represented by the Casual United Steelworkers of America Collective Agreement. In addition to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement, the terms and conditions of employment for bargaining unit employees will be subject to and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Employment Standards Act. To find out more information on the USW Casuals Unit, follow the links below.


  • Definition: Casual employees are those individuals who are hired to perform work on a short-term, irregular or sporadic basis for an intermittent period of time. Short-term is a period of 6 months or less.
  • Posting: Casual vacancies are not posted through the University of Toronto website.
  • Hiring: A letter of offer must be given to the employee along with a copy of the Casual Collective Agreement. Casual employees must be set-up through HRIS accordingly.
  • Wages: Casuals must be paid a minimum of $13.15/hour, plus 4 per cent vacation pay, or where the employee is assigned by the University to perform a significant portion of the duties of a staff appointed position, then the casual employee must receive the hiring rate of that classified position.
  • Union Dues: Casual employees are required to pay union dues on all gross earnings.
  • USW Meetings: Attendance at union meetings is not mentioned in the casual collective agreement. Should a casual staff member request time off to attend such a meeting, the supervisor may decide whether to allow employee to attend the meeting or not based on operational requirements. Staff permitted time to attend the meeting should not be paid for that time.
  • Overtime: There is no overtime provision under the casual collective agreement. Overtime is paid according to Employment Standards.
  • Summer Hours: Casual employees are not entitled to this benefit. They receive pay for hours worked only.
  • Presidential Days: Casual employees are not entitled to this provision which is for staff-appointed employees.
  • Note: If a casual employee is continuously employed in the same position with an appointment of 60 per cent or more for 18 months or 40 per cent or more for 24 months then you may have to staff appoint that employee.