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First Aid


First Aider's Package:

First Aider Responsibilities:

1. To respond to first aid emergencies within the limits of his/her training.

2. To obtain and maintain a valid First Aid Certificate issued by a training agency recognized by the WSIB.

3. To follow appropriate emergency procedures and provide interim first aid until medical services take over.

4. To be in charge of a first aid station and inspect the first aid box and its contents at least every three months (4X/year) and replenish the supplies if needed. The inspection card/checklist for the first aid box should be signed and dated.

5. To keep a record, indicating the date, time and nature of the first aid treatment given to any injured person. Advise injured worker to complete a University of Toronto accident and incident online report with their supervisor. Details and information on how to complete this form is located on the EHS website.

First Aid Stations shall contain/post:

A first aid box* containing the items required by Reg. 1101, an inspection card/checklist,
the WSIB Form 82 poster, ‘In Case of Injury at Work’**, and valid first aid certificates of the first aiders.