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2019-2020 Research Opportunity Program projects will be updated during Reading Week, 2019

2018-2019 Research Opportunity Program

Application for the 2018-2019 Academic Year are closed. 


The purpose of the Research Opportunity Program is to provide an opportunity for degree students in their second-year in the Faculty of Arts and Science to work on the research project of a professor in return for 299Y or 399Y course credit. The Program is completely voluntary and serves to enhance the fundamental connection between teaching and research in a research intensive university. Enrolling in a ROP early in their academic careers gives students an opportunity to become involved in original research. They can expect to learn research methods and share in the excitement and discovery of acquiring new knowledge while earning course credit towards their degree and program requirements. Also, students develop continuing relationships with faculty members who can act as mentors during their undergraduate years and assist them in applications to graduate schools or professional faculties. Professors benefit from the help and enthusiasm of specifically selected students.

Students may not participate in more than one ROP project with the same professor.

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP): What is it?

The ROP gives you the opportunity to work closely with a professor (supervisor) in a research project during your Second Year (299Y) and Third Year (399Y).

The work counts as a credit course (299Y/399Y); in most cases the 299Y/399Y can count towards program completion too.

To be eligible, you must be an Arts and Science degree student and have completed no less than four credits, but no more than fourteen, by September 2018.

The ROP: How does it work?

See all  299Y/399Y project descriptions.

Step One: Complete an application form:

Step Two: Email it to the ROP Office at deb.shaw@utoronto.ca by the deadline appropriate to your project. Please label your attachment with the Project Code, your last name and first initial, example: CHM 1 Shaw D .

It will take approximately 2 week for the Projects Supervisor to receive the applications. 

The Projects Supervisor will contact those students they wish to interview. Only those students who have been accepted into a project will be notified by the Supervisor. If you are accepted, you will have to sign an agreement (contract) with the supervisor leading the project. The course will begin in either May, 2018 or September, 2018.

The ROP: How is it evaluated?

Summer ROP projects normally require working eighteen to twenty hours per week and Fall/Winter ROP projects normally require working eight to ten hours per week on the research project, an interim two-page report, and a substantial piece of written work towards the end of the academic session; for further details please see the Course Requirements.

The ROP: Want More Information?

For more information and advice about the Research Opportunity Program, email the program office at deb.shaw@utoronto.ca.