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Transfer Credit & Letters of Permission (Post-Admission)

Letters of Permission and Transfer Credit (Post-Admission)


  • Course equivalencies for Korea University and Yonsei University can be found on Transfer Explorer.
  • For students interested in taking courses overseas, the Centre for International Experience (CIE) offers many study abroad opportunities. Click here for more information. Such studies are considered post-admission transfer credit. See the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar for further details. 
  • Summer studies in China – As noted above you should explore the CIE offerings through the University’s partner institutions in China.  Alternatively, WDW Study Abroad offers courses in China over the summer session which are UofT credits.  Outside of these opportunities, transfer credit for studies completed in China during the summer session will only be considered where the courses are part of the degree program of a degree granting recognized institution and where proof of registration and issuance of the final official transcript is through the Registrar’s Office of that institution.

Start Date for Letter of Permission Requests

Letter of Permission Requests for the Summer Session (May - August) begins in January.

Letter of Permission Requests for the Fall/ Winter Session (September - April) begins in May.

Requests for Letters of Permission and Requests for Transfer Credit are assessed in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Faculty of Arts and Science and, where necessary, in consultation with the departmental advisers for the disciplines being assessed.

Web Application:

  • Please click here to apply for a Letter of Permission Request or a Transfer Credit Request.