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Undergraduate Scholarships: French

Ambassador of Switzerland Prize in French
  • Book selected by the Ambassador of Switzerland.
  • Established through a generous gift of the Ambassador of Switzerland.
  • (For Any Year) - To be awarded to an outstanding student in the Department of French.


Euphrasia E. Hislop Award
  • Established by Mr. P. Logan and Mr. T. Hislop in memory of their aunt, Euphrasia E. Hislop.
  • (For Year IV) - Student graduating from the Specialist program in French, who has achieved high standing in upper level language courses. The recipient must enrol in an M.A. program in French at the University of Toronto.


French Sesquicentennial Bursary
  • Established through the generous donations from various donors.
  • (For Any Year) - Awarded on basis of financial need to a student attending an exchange program in Nice, France. Preference given to students enrolled in a Specialist or Major Program in French.


French Undergraduate Excellence Awards

  • Established  through the generous donations from various donors.
  • (For Year II, III & IV) - Awarded to nine full-time undergraduate students in the Department of French on the basis of academic merit. One award per level (200, 300 and 400 levels), per discipline (FSL, Literature and Linguistics).


Heather Hiscox Award in French Studies

  • (For Any Year) - Awarded to an undergraduate student, who is the top scholar in the study of Quebec Literature or French Poetry.

Ivor Arnold Scholarship in French Canadian Literature

  • (For Any Year) - To be awarded to an undergraduate student in the Department of French who is engaged in the study of French Canadian literature and has achieved high academic merit.

OMLTA (Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association) Toronto French Contest Prize
  • Established by the Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA).
  • (For Year II/III) - To be awarded, on the basis of academic merit, to an undergraduate student with outstanding achievement in French who has completed his/her second or third year and is enrolled in third or fourth year of the specialist or major program in French.
  • OTSS


Quebec Bonne Entente Prize in French
  • Established through a gift of the delegates from the Province of Quebec to the Bonne Entente Movement in 1917.
  • (For Year III/IV) - Student who has completed at least 15 full course equivalents, at least one of which must be in Quebec literature or language.


Renee Neveren Lyons Scholarship in French
  • Established by the Estate of Renee Lyons.
  • (For Year III) - To be awarded annually to an undergraduate student in the Department of French entering fourth year of the Specialist Program.


Roselyne Thompson Memorial Bursary
  • Established through gifts from the family and friends in memory of the late Roselyne Thompson, Roselyne was working on her PhD in French when she died of cancer in 1993 at the age of 57.  A French immersion teacher, she had returned to the University of Toronto on sabbatical to complete her MA and discovered she enjoyed academic life so much that she returned to school full-time.  Well-liked and respected by her colleagues, she had a lively and nimble intelligence as well as a strong spirit.  She wrote poetry, mostly in French, some of which has been published.  Because the intellectual challenge of academic life brought her much joy and satisfaction, her friends and family though it appropriate to commemorate her life with a bursary to assist other women in the pursuit of their dreams of a university degree.
  • (For Any Year) - It is awarded to a female student in a Specialist or Major Program in French.  Financial need must be considered, where academic merit will be considered.


Sir Wilfrid Laurier Memorial Scholarship in French
  • Established through a gift of the Ontario Women’s Liberal Association, in memory of the late Sir Wilfred Laurier.
  • (For Any Year) - Awarded for proficiency in French conversation, based on marks obtained in FSL443H/FSL473H. Open only to a Canadian citizen (by birth or naturalization) whose native tongue is not French.