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Payment of Awards

Undergraduate Scholarships: Payment of Awards

Award cheques, after the deduction of any outstanding fees or residence charges, will be mailed to the student's mailing address as listed in the Student Records System: www.rosi.utoronto.ca.

For awards of more than $1000.00 that are made in the spring and summer, students must normally re-register in the next fall-winter sessions at the University of Toronto in order to receive payment. An exception is made for students who are graduating from the fourth year of an undergraduate program unless the award letter specifies that the award will be paid on re-registration at the University of Toronto.

For awards of $1000.00 or less, and non-monetary awards, such as medals or book prizes, students need not re-register in order to receive their awards.

If an award is made on the basis of financial need, it is assumed that the student's financial situation will remain unchanged for the next academic session.

Awards are granted to degree students only; special students and visiting students are not eligible.

Scholarships by Department: Explanation of Column Headings

Department - Most scholarships are designated for students in a specific program of study in the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus. Non-program-specific scholarships are categorized as MISC (Miscellaneous).

Year - Most scholarships are designated for students at a specific level of study. Since the vast majority of scholarships are awarded in the summer, based on the previous fall-winter sessions results, the level of study usually refers to a student's status at the beginning of the previous fall-winter sessions.

  • I - undergraduate students with 0-3.5 full course equivalents at the beginning of the fall-winter sessions
  • II - undergraduate students with 4.0-8.5 full course equivalents at the beginning of the fall-winter sessions
  • III - undergraduate students with 9.0-13.5 full course equivalents at the beginning of the fall-winter sessions
  • IV - undergraduate students with 14.0 or more full course equivalents at the beginning of the fall-winter sessions
  • Any - undergraduate students at any level of study are eligible
  • Grad - graduate students are eligible

Requirements - Most scholarships are awarded automatically, on the basis of cumulative grade point average (CGPA). If there is an application required, this is noted; interested students should contact the relevant department for details. Unless otherwise indicated, scholarships are available to both full and part time students. For most scholarships, the value varies from year to year, being the amount of interest earned on an endowed fund.

The notation OSOTF means that eligible students must meet the following conditions:

  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Ontario residents
  • demonstrate financial need by qualifying for OSAP/UTAPS