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Scholarship Recipients: Letter Writing Tips

  1. You may submit a letter or thank you card.
  2. Please address your letter to the donor (name given to you by your unit/or by the Advancement office, and address it as follows:
    c/o Jackie Vanterpool
    Advancement Office - Faculty of Arts & Science
    Suite 2032, 100 St. George St.
    Toronto, ON  M5S3G3
    Or:  c.vanterpool@utoronto.ca
  3. Keep your letter 1-3 paragraphs long, simple and to the point.
  4. Customize  your letter to your scholarship, mentioning the scholarship name and any other information/scholarship criteria that qualified you to receive this scholarship.
  5. Please include:

    a)    A sentence to THANK THE DONOR in the opening paragraph and closing paragraph.
    b)    Your specific academic program, degree, any other academic or career goals.
    c)    Any relevant extra-curricular activities that the donor may find interesting.
    d)    Anything that you think might indicate to the donor how important/meaningful it is for you to receive the scholarship.
  6. Please PROOF-READ your letter prior to submission
If you have questions, please contact Jackie Vanterpool, Senior Donor Relations Officer, Advancement Office at c.vanterpool@utoronto.ca.